ICE Error In Checking Browser

When I try to connect to ICE, the connection is successful but I see Error is checking the browser. I have copied the error below. I did not have this issue until yesterday and I haven’t made any changes in my system as well.

============================================ Avo Assure ICE ============================================

20-10-20 17:44:03: CONSOLE: init:491 Normal Mode: Connection to the Avo Assure Server established
20-10-20 17:44:03: CONSOLE: init:491 ICE Name: santosh
20-10-20 17:44:04: CONSOLE: init:491 Browser compatibility check started
20-10-20 17:44:11: CONSOLE: init:491 WARNING!! : Chrome version 86 is not supported.
20-10-20 17:44:14: CONSOLE: init:491 Error in checking Firefox version
20-10-20 17:44:15: CONSOLE: init:491 Error in checking Edge Legacy version
20-10-20 17:44:17: CONSOLE: init:491 Error in checking Edge Chromium version
20-10-20 17:44:19: CONSOLE: init:491 Browser compatibility check completed
20-10-20 17:44:19: CONSOLE: init:491 Benchmark Execution Scheduled at 00:05 08:00 13:00 18:55
20-10-20 17:44:19: CONSOLE: init:491 Screenshot capturing disabled since user does not have sufficient privileges for screenshot folder

Error in checking browser is caused due to upgrade of chrome browser version. Please update the chrome driver in AvoAssure package to 86. And make sure this version is listed in ice_const file.

While what @himanshu.kumar suggested is a quick solution, The best way to go about this would be to contact the support team for the latest supported browser packages