Integration with CI/CD Tools

How Avo Assure integrates with CI/CD Tools and what are the CI/CD Tools it supports.

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Avo Assure supports Bamboo, Azure Devops, Concourse, Jenkin and Postman Integration.

Below three steps need to be followed for integration

  1. Token Generation
  2. Export of Mindmaps Data
  3. Execution of JSON
    Token Generation
    Login as an admin user and navigate to the Tokens section and generate a token for the user.

Export of Mindmaps Data
Navigate to Mindmaps. Select the Module from the Assign Module page. Select “Custom” from export type dropdown and On click of “Export” button, execution related Module information is exported as a JSON file.

Execution JSON

  1. Module Information has the test suite and test Scenario details that are to be executed. module

  2. Execution template is divided into two parts: Execution Data and User Info.

  3. Copy Module Info data extracted in the previous section into the Execution Template.

  4. In User Info section of Execution Template, fill the details of Generated Token hash, Token Name and Client Username.

URL: https://< Avo Assure Application URL >/ExecuteTestSuite_ICE_SVN

With the request data generated from the above steps, Avo Assure can be integrated with 3rd party tools. Configuration slightly differs for each 3rd party application, so please contact the Avo Assure support team for detailed information on any of the supported tool integrations